Pets welcome

Dog with you on vacation?

Are you taking your dog to Spain? We understand, because a vacation is obviously not complete without your four-legged friend! Dogs are welcome in almost all our villas and you can specify when booking if you are bringing a pet. We even offer pet-friendly vacation villas.

Pet-friendly villas

We offer several spacious vacation villas where your dog will feel right at home. These villas are fully fenced, have a large garden (with plenty of shade), good access, as few stairs as possible and they are in close proximity to the forest or beach. In each villa there is a handy information folder with phone numbers and addresses of good veterinarians in the area. A peace of mind.

Costa Brava & dogs

The area of the Costa Brava lends itself perfectly to pets. There are many hiking areas and most restaurants welcome dogs, on the outdoor terrace always. And what is very nice; there are some nice dog beaches nearby! You can fully enjoy yourself here together and for the dog it is an unforgettable experience. Read all about the dog beaches of the Costa Brava here

Before the journey begins

For a relaxing trip, however, it is important to prepare well. That is why we would like to give you some tips so that you can enjoy the vacation together to the fullest.

When you take your dog to Spain, a registered chip, an animal passport and a valid Rabies vaccination is mandatory. The veterinarian can also inform you about other preventive measures against ticks, for example. It always takes some time for the vaccinations or remedies to take effect, so don't wait too long with this.

What is not mandatory, but convenient, is insurance for your dog. Most travel insurance policies cover medical expenses for the traveling party, but not for the dog! Still handy to take out this extra. Also ask if your third-party insurance covers damage and/or accidents abroad. Read more about insurances

Extra tips: Some extra grooming before the trip to Spain begins is no luxury for your dog. For example, cut the nails, brush the dog and always check for fleas before departure! It is also useful to provide the dog with an identification tag (on collar) with mobile number.

Dog along in the car

The car trip to the Costa Brava is doable, especially if the dog is used to it. But to avoid extra stress, you can of course make your dog as comfortable as possible. Before leaving for Spain, give the dog less food than normal, the rest can be given during intermediate stops. Do let the dog drink enough and, for example, freeze a freezer bone before departure; a nice cool dog ice cream that will give the dog fluids on the way (and he has something to do too!).

Take breaks & take short walks. NEVER leave your dog alone in the car. At outdoor temperatures of 22 degrees, it can get very hot in the car! (+40!) Read more about traveling by car

Pet-friendly villas