Wintering in Spain on the Costa Brava

Have you ever thought about it? Spending an inexpensive winter on the Costa Brava, where even in the winter months it can still be 20 degrees. More and more people are choosing to exchange the cold northern European winter for the Mediterranean climate in Spain.

More and more people are trading the cold Dutch winter for the Mediterranean climate in Spain.

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Period and rental rates

From autumn to spring, a selection of our villas are available for rent by the month, for special all-inclusive rental prices. No high energy bill afterwards, just clarity. Isn't that nice? Contact us for more information.

A good villa is important

Our villas are all among the better accommodations on the Costa Brava and:

  • Meet all requirements for permanent residence
  • have central heating and are perfectly maintained
  • are equipped with a complete, comfortable and attractive interior
  • have good wifi

In addition, we always offer on-site service, as we are here all year round. The villas also lend themselves very well when you want to work and live (remotely) in Spain.

Why spend the winter at Bonvida?

  • Fine living in a luxury villa
    Bonvida rents the better villas where you lack nothing. We have high standards of maintenance and cleaning. That's why we manage the villas largely ourselves.
  • Always in a lively area
    All villas are located in places where you have enough privacy and quiet, but where you can quickly find the hustle and bustle. There is plenty to do in the neighborhood and even in winter the streets are alive, because the climate is so pleasant.
  • Friends and children visit for free
    With us you can rent a comfortable house for the long term at low cost, with on-site service in your own language. Do you have children visiting you or do you have acquaintances visiting you? Then there are no additional costs for the stay.
  • Service on site
    Winterizing with us starts with a personal welcome and a tour so that you can enjoy your stay carefree after arrival. For questions and emergencies, we are always nearby and reachable. Peace of mind.

Wintering on the Costa Brava?

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Beautiful villas to spend the winter in

Jeannette Fiévez Bonvida

Jeannette Fiévez

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Questions or more information?

Would you like to spend the winter in one of our villas? Feel free to contact us and let us advise you. Start a Live Chat, call (+34) 607 450 004 or email [email protected]