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Taking out travel and cancellation insurance is wise

Travel insurance is not mandatory, but it can be useful. The main reason to take out travel insurance is that you get help in unforeseen situations. Think of canceling your vacation early or staying longer due to an accident or illness. Cancellation insurance provides coverage if your vacation cannot go ahead and you will get all or part of the travel sum back.

Vacations are for making carefree memories together.

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Travel and cancellation insurance is quickly arranged online

There are many online providers of continuous travel insurance, you are then insured throughout the year. Maybe you have your own insurance agent? You should take out the insurance in the country where you live.

Travel insurance via credit card

Many credit cards include travel insurance. Only there are many snags with this. For example, the insurance usually only applies if the entire trip was paid for with the credit card. And the entire trip means not only the transportation there, but also the rental car, gasoline, overnight stays and meals. As a result, credit card travel insurance is not a full substitute for continuous travel insurance.

Basic travel insurance coverage is sometimes not enough

With standard or basic coverage, you get emergency travel assistance, but you can also choose additional coverage on your insurance. Think liability and replacement transportation. Many families drive south in the summer, and should the car break down unexpectedly, the insurance company will make sure you can get on quickly in a similar car.

Dog with you to Spain?

Most travel insurance policies cover medical expenses for the traveling party, but not for the dog! Still useful to take out this extra. Also ask if your third-party insurance covers damage and/or accidents abroad.

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  • How can I cancel my booking?

    Too bad, but sometimes an unforeseen circumstance causes you to have to cancel your booking. It may be possible to reschedule the booking to another time. Therefore, always contact us first and together we will discuss the possibilities.

  • How much is the cancellation fee?

    That depends on when you cancel. If you cancel your booking no later than 8 weeks before your stay, the cancellation fee is equal to the first deposit paid. If you cancel your booking within 8 weeks before your stay, the cancellation fee is equal to the full rental price. It is sometimes possible to move the booking to another time, only change fees apply. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

  • Is Bonvida trustworthy?

    We have been renting luxury vacation villas on the Costa Brava for over 20 years, are based here and have an extensive track record. We are not a large but professional rental company with a lot of experience and a wide network. All our villas have their own name, are rented exclusively by us and are not on the websites of other providers. With 60% regular and returning guests, we can safely say that we are a reliable party that works with passion all year round to the vacations of many. Still in doubt? Then feel free to give us a call! (+34) 607 45 00 04

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