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More and more people are emigrating to Spain because there are plenty of reasons to leave the Netherlands or Belgium. The climate, air pollution, work pressure, lots of traffic jams, an expensive and hurried life, the regulatory culture etc. People want a healthier life and to enjoy it more and this is possible in Spain as nowhere else.

Working from home (remote) offers more freedom of movement and the Internet has made the world smaller. It is now popular to live in Spain while continuing to work remotely in the Netherlands. And there are also plenty of opportunities for self-employment in Spain, emigrating has therefore become a serious option for many.

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What all do you need to arrange?

If you have decided to emigrate to Spain, a lot will come up and it is necessary to make important choices first. Decide where in Spain you want to live, whether you want to rent or buy a house, and whether or not you will bring your own furniture and car. Other essential matters must also be arranged, such as applying for a NIE number (Spanish tax number), opening a bank account and taking out insurance. All things you can't really have on top of.

We have now been based in Spain for 20 years and know what you are up against. We speak the language fluently and have a wide network which allows us to work quickly and effectively. Whether it's finding your perfect home or applying for an NIE, we are happy to help. Please contact us for more information.

Living in Spain is enjoyment, we would love to tell you why.

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The benefits of living in Spain

Living in Spain is a dream come true for many. The good weather, tasty food and peaceful pace makes for a better quality of life. Most people who emigrate to Spain don't regret it for a minute. Do you have emigration plans? Then read on and find out what benefits living in Spain has for you.

This is immediately the most famous advantage: the sun almost always shines in Spain! But the country is large so the Mediterranean climate varies by region. However, there is little precipitation and in winter it is still pleasant. Especially the clear blue skies and light is appealing and prevents a winter dip!

If you like good food, Spain is perfect for you. You will already know the paella and tapas, but Spain is also known for creative gastronomy in Michelin-starred restaurants, some of which have even been awarded as the best restaurant in the world. Mediterranean food is healthy because it has been proven to increase life expectancy. This is also due to the relaxed Spanish lifestyle with hot meals at noon and tapas in the evening.

The Spanish language is beautiful and not difficult; you learn it most quickly in practice. However, it is wise to take a basic Spanish course beforehand because mastering the language will make you feel at home faster. Several dialects exist in Spain, such as Catalan in Catalunya, and most Spanish municipalities provide free language classes for immigrants.

If not today, tomorrow will come. In Spain everything goes more quietly, without hurry and stress, and the days start and end late. Productivity is lower but once you get used to this you never want to go back. The quiet lifestyle is also healthy; life expectancy in Spain is one of the highest in the world.

Friendly people
Spaniards have temperament but are cheerful and friendly. Increasingly they speak English, but they appreciate it if you make the effort to speak Spanish. People live more outside than inside and you notice a sense of togetherness. On the terrace of any 'cafeteria' (coffee house) there is all kinds of public, you feel welcome everywhere and that is nice.

Culture and Nature
Spain actually offers everything, which is why it is not surprising that Spain is the most popular vacation country. The many beaches, the countless landscapes and natural areas on both the flat land and in the mountains, and the unique museums and remains of a thousand cultures make Spain an attractive country. For bon vivants, life in Spain is a dream come true; sleeping in and starting up quietly, eating sumptuously on a terrace in the sun and spending a lot of time together.

Life in Spain is cheap, and you notice that already in the restaurants: a three-course "menu del dia" costs only 12 euros! But things like road tax, housing costs and child care are also cheaper than in the rest of Europe. The nice things in life are still affordable here and that improves the quality of life.

The siesta hour of the Spanish is known all over the world, but this afternoon nap is no longer contemporary. The working hours are still different: people start later in the day, there is an extensive lunch and in the evening the Spaniards work longer. In Spain, however, everything is done at a leisurely pace and that suits us well.


Is emigrating expensive?

No, precisely not! There are plenty of opportunities to realize your Spanish dream. Emigrating does mean that you give up a large part of your life in the Netherlands and make a new start in Spain. Some look for a rental house and a job, others sell their house in the Netherlands and start their own B&B in Spain. Spanish life is cheaper, but every new beginning takes time, and so you will need a small buffer to get your bearings.

Houses in Spain are considerably cheaper than in the Netherlands. For the amount for which you buy a two-bedroom apartment in the Netherlands, you can buy a detached house with a plot of land to go with it in Spain. There are plenty of rental houses and the rental prices are considerably lower than in the Netherlands. You will also find that all living costs are less expensive than in the Netherlands. These are already some good reasons to emigrate to Spain, aren't they?

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