Traveling with your own car

Traveling with your own car

The Costa Brava is easily accessible by private car

Would you like to go on vacation with your own car? Then you're in the right place, because the Costa Brava is located in the north of Spain and is perfectly accessible by car. The distance from the Benelux countries is approximately between 1200 and 1400 kilometers.

Prepare your trip well

Most people choose to travel to Costa Brava by car. Understandable because in Spain you always have your own transportation at hand and you can take as much luggage as will fit in your car. Although many people prefer to make the trip as quickly as possible, you can also choose to travel down south at your leisure. Either way, make sure you travel well prepared as this will ensure a relaxed start to your vacation. The website of the ANWB has all kinds of useful information about the car journey to Spain.

Car trip with children

A car ride can demand a lot of energy from children. Therefore, provide different games / apps on tablets and find a parking lot with playground equipment during the break. Then the atmosphere in the back seat will stay fun too!

Will the dog also travel with you?

The car trip to the Costa Brava is doable, especially if the dog is used to it. But to avoid extra stress, you can of course make your dog as comfortable as possible. Before leaving for Spain, give him less food than normal, the rest can be given during intermediate stops. Do let the dog drink enough and freeze a freezer bone before departure; a nice cool dog ice cream that will give him fluids on the way (and give him something to do!). And most importantly; never leave the dog alone in the car because at outdoor temperatures of 22 degrees it can already get very hot in the car! (+40C)

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TIP: Always take out good travel and cancellation insurance! A relaxing trip is important.

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Jeannette Fiévez Bonvida

Jeannette Fiévez

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Are there any questions?

Is something unclear or do you want to know which villa is best for you? Feel free to contact us and let us advise you. Start a Live Chat, call (+34) 607 450 004 or email [email protected]

  • Is Bonvida present in Spain?

    Yes, we are permanently located on the Costa Brava and will be your direct contact during the vacations. On arrival you will be welcomed by us personally, and in case of questions we are constantly available.

  • Is departure at night possible?

    Yes this is possible. In very busy times it is nice to leave very early in the morning or still in the night. Sometimes you need to leave extra early to be at the airport on time. Contact us during your stay and we will discuss together how the keys can be returned.

  • Can I charge an electric car at the villa?

    Yes, sometimes this is possible but it is always by agreement. Energy costs are included but if cars are charged this often needs to be paid extra. There are charging stations nearby, including fast chargers.

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