A day in Cadaqués

Cadaqués; the gem of the Costa Brava

If you're on vacation on the Costa Brava, don't miss this white Spanish fishing village! Located in a beautiful bay, near Roses and the Cap de Creus nature reserve, Cadaqués (you pronounce it "ka-da-kes") has only 2900 inhabitants. The white houses of old Cadaqués cluster around the village church "Iglesia Santa María." Through numerous narrow streets you arrive at the romantic beach below, surrounded by plenty of cozy terraces, restaurants, stores and small markets. In short, a visit to Cadaqués is a very popular outing.

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Cadaqués & Salvador Dalí

In the mid-twentieth century, a number of well-known Spanish artists settled in this picturesque village. Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró contributed to the fame of Cadaqués, and the surrealist artist Salvador Dalí had a house in Port Lligat (just outside Cadaqués). His statue stands right on the beach and since 1997 his house has been a museum. Read more about Casa de Salvador Dalí

And of course ... Cap de Creus

The route to Cadaqués is special because you pass through the famous (and protected) nature reserve of Cap de Creus. Salvador Dalí came here regularly for inspiration. There is beautiful scenery, stunning vistas, and a thousand other wonders of nature. Also popular among hikers due to its serene tranquility. Furthermore, this natural park offers unique coves and diving locations.

La Casa Blau

Among the white houses so characteristic of Cadaqués are also some fine modernist buildings. The most unusual is Casa Serinyana also called "La Casa Blau." The eye-catching building (1910), by architect Salvador Sellés Baró, is decorated with blue ceramics and artful wrought ironwork on balconies and windows. Address: Plaza des Portitxó, 11 - 17488 Cadaqués.

Take the most beautiful vacation photo

Between the narrow streets stands the Iglesia de Santa Mariá. This church stands on the highest point of Cadaqués, resulting in a magnificent view. You can take the great photos here of the view of the white houses and the enchanting sea. Address: Calle Doctor Callis, 15 - 17488 Cadaqués.

Restaurant El Barroco in Cadaqués was Dalí's favorite!

He designed the logo in 1978 and loved coming there! The restaurant has a small patio and is in a hidden location in Cadaqués. And, of course, you can still eat delicious food here! The restaurant offers Lebanese, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes. Reserve a table in advance on El Barroco's website. Address: Carrer des Pla d'en Retalla, 2, 17488 Cadaqués

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