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Questions about payment

Questions about books

  • How do I book a vacation villa at Bonvida?

    If you have seen a beautiful villa you can easily book it online on our website, the availability in our calendars are always 100% up to date! Read all the information about booking here.

  • How do I see which villas are still available?

    Select a date and desired length of stay (1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks) in our 'search by availability' calendar. Available villas will be displayed immediately. On the detail page of the villa there is an overview calendar which also shows the availability, as well as which fixed changeover day applies to that villa. (Saturday or Sunday)
    Our calendars are always 100% up-to-date!

  • I don't want to book right away yet. Can I take an option?

    That depends on the period, but usually this is possible. We then block the villa for a while so you have the assurance that the desired period is not rented to someone else. This way you have time to calmly consult. Send us an email at [email protected] and let us know which villa and period it concerns.


  • Do I have to rent for a minimum of 1 week? Is 10 days also possible?

    Yes, but this depends on the season. In the summer our villas are always rented per week, in the early and late season we can be flexible and a period of 10-12 days is sometimes possible. Please contact us for this([email protected]) and together we will discuss the possibilities.

  • Can I book now and provide the number of people later?

    Yes you can. At each villa it says with how many people you can stay in that villa. You can inform us of the exact number of persons up to 2 weeks before arrival. There are no additional costs.

  • Are energy costs included?

    Yes, energy costs are included. (excluding electric car charging) There are no hidden or additional costs. The rental price shown on the website is always an all-in price.

  • What additional costs are there?

    There are no additional costs, the price shown on our website is an all-in price. (including rental, linen, cleaning and booking fee)

  • How do I know if my booking was successful?

    Immediately after you book you will receive an e-mail from us confirming receipt of the booking. The booking is then successful and is being processed. Didn't receive an email? Check your spam folder, or mail us directly at [email protected].

  • What happens after I book?

    Upon receipt of your booking we will check the details and process your booking in our administration. Then we will send you a booking confirmation by e-mail, containing all relevant details regarding your stay at the villa. The booking is now approved and confirmed.



  • Can I receive the address of the villa?

    Yes, you will receive the full address from us after you book and it will be on your booking confirmation. Each villa has a Google Maps map showing its location.

  • How can I change something about my booking?

    Simple matters can be communicated to us by email, we will adjust the booking free of charge. If you want to change the period of stay or change accommodation, costs may apply. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

  • I am taking the dog with me, what should I consider?

    Indicate during booking if you are bringing a pet, additional charges apply. You can read all the useful information on the page about vacations with pets.

  • Can I also book a villa for a longer period of time?

    Yes that is possible from October to May. There are more and more people who exchange the Netherlands or Belgium in the winter months for the Spanish Costa Brava with its mild climate. There are extra attractive rental prices in this period. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

  • How can I cancel my booking?

    Too bad, but sometimes an unforeseen circumstance causes you to have to cancel your booking. It may be possible to reschedule the booking to another time. Therefore, always contact us first and together we will discuss the possibilities.

  • How much is the cancellation fee?

    That depends on when you cancel. If you cancel your booking no later than 8 weeks before your stay, the cancellation fee is equal to the first deposit paid. If you cancel your booking within 8 weeks before your stay, the cancellation fee is equal to the full rental price. It is sometimes possible to move the booking to another time, only change fees apply. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

  • Should I purchase travel and cancellation insurance?

    It is not mandatory to take out travel and cancellation insurance but we recommend that you do, including a valid third-party liability. Even if you book shortly in advance. Read all the information on our travel insurance page.


Questions about BONVIDA

  • Who are we?

    We rent out a selection of exclusive vacation villas on the Costa Brava where personal attention and service are key. We are present all year round on the Costa Brava and from here we are always your direct point of contact on vacation. Read more about Bonvida

  • How do I get in touch with Bonvida?

    You can call or whatsap us at number (+34) 607 45 00 04
    Our direct email address is [email protected] or feel free to start a Live Chat on our website.

  • What languages does BONVIDA speak?

    We are fluent in Dutch, Spanish, Catalan, German, English and French. So feel free to contact us in your own language!

  • Is Bonvida present in Spain?

    Yes, we are permanently located on the Costa Brava and will be your direct contact during the vacations. On arrival you will be welcomed by us personally, and in case of questions we are constantly available.

  • Is Bonvida trustworthy?

    We have been renting luxury vacation villas on the Costa Brava for over 20 years, are based here and have an extensive track record. We are not a large but professional rental company with a lot of experience and a wide network. All our villas have their own name, are rented exclusively by us and are not on the websites of other providers. With 60% regular and returning guests, we can safely say that we are a reliable party that works with passion all year round to the vacations of many. Still in doubt? Then feel free to give us a call! (+34) 607 45 00 04

  • Can I call Bonvida in case of an emergency?

    Yes, we have our own S.O.S. number and can be reached 24/7 in case of an emergency. A peace of mind!

Questions about your trip

  • Is the Costa Brava easily accessible by private car?

    Yes indeed, and that is a big advantage for many. From the Benelux countries, the Costa Brava is about 1200-1400 kilometers away. 70% of our guests come to the Costa Brava with their own car and that is considered ideal. Read all the information on the page travel by car

  • How long is the flight to the Costa Brava?

    The Costa Brava is less than a 2-hour flight from Holland, Belgium or Germany.

  • Where is the nearest airport?

    Girona Airport is the airport of the Costa Brava, and this is about 30-40 minutes away from our villas. Barcelona airport (El Prat) is also close by about 100 minutes away.

  • Do I need a rental car?

    Yes it is recommended. Our villas are centrally located a short distance to stores and beaches, but a car is necessary.

  • Where can I rent a car?

    If you come by plane, it is easy to have the car ready at the airport upon arrival. Therefore, we recommend renting a car from the airline you fly with. (is also the cheapest) There are also separate car rental companies, read all about it on our page about car rental.

  • How is public transportation arranged?

    In Spain, public transportation (train and bus) is well arranged and not expensive. The stations are a short distance from the villas. Ideal is the TGV connection between the Costa Brava and Girona and Barcelona.

Questions about your stay

  • Where do I pick up the keys?

    You will be personally welcomed by us at the vacation villa and we will hand you the keys.

  • Until what time can I check in and out?

    Arrival (check-in) is possible from 16:00 to 20:00. Are you arriving much later? This is also no problem, but please let us know in time so we can discuss a solution together. Departure (check-out) is no later than 10:00 am.

  • Can I also check in earlier?

    In some cases it is possible to check in earlier. This strongly depends on how busy it is at the time and what time the previous tenant leaves. If you want to arrive earlier please contact us and we will keep you informed. We always try to be accommodating, so if we know you will be there earlier we will do our best to avoid wait times.

  • Can I leave later?

    No, unfortunately this is almost never possible. The departure time is no later than 10:00 am. We only have a short time to prepare the villa for the next guest and therefore a later check-out is not possible. In the early and late season it can happen that the following week is free, and then later check-out is sometimes possible on request. Please contact us in time.

  • Is departure at night possible?

    Yes this is possible. In very busy times it is nice to leave very early in the morning or still in the night. Sometimes you need to leave extra early to be at the airport on time. Contact us during your stay and we will discuss together how the keys can be returned.

  • I am delayed, what should I do?

    It may happen that you get caught in a long traffic jam or your plane is delayed. Then you will arrive much later than planned. Please let us know in time so we can take this into account. Arrival is possible until 20:00, later arrival may incur extra costs.

  • Are towels provided?

    Yes! Plenty of bath linen is provided for each guest and this is neatly laid out for you in the bathroom. Think large and small towels, a bath mat and guest towels. Read more information on our page about linen

  • Are there large beach towels available?

    Yes, you can order beach towels extra. Our large dark blue beach towels will be waiting for you upon arrival. View all bookable extras

  • Are all beds made upon arrival?

    Upon arrival, the beds are made for you, for all the people you are traveling with. Your vacation begins immediately!

  • Is cleaning included?

    Yes, cleaning is always included. Upon arrival, the villa is cleaned for you and we clean the villa again after you leave as well. It is vacation after all! Read more information on our cleaning page

  • Is the villa cleaned every week?

    The villa is cleaned for you on arrival, and after your departure we clean the villa again. If you want an extra cleaning it is possible. You can order this extra. View all bookable extras

  • Is there a crib and high chair available?

    Yes, for the little ones you can book a baby bed or a high chair. These will be ready for you upon arrival at the villa. View all bookable extras here.

  • May I receive visitors in the villa?

    Yes you certainly may, but please notify us before arrival so we can account for extra bed and bath linens.

  • After us the villa is free, can we stay an extra day?

    Yes, if the villa is not rented out you can book an extra day or more (for a fee). However, this can only be determined shortly before departure, as there is always the possibility of a last minute booking. Please contact us in time to discuss the possibilities.

  • Something broke,what should I do?

    Then you can call us. If something breaks in the villa, or there is damage, please notify us immediately. We will then do our best to repair it as soon as possible.

  • Who do I call in case of an emergency?

    Bonvida has its own S.O.S number and in case of emergency we are available 24/7. We are happy to help you!

Questions about our villas

  • Is high-speed Internet available everywhere?

    Most villas have Internet via fiber optics, the speed is high and the range is fine. Wi-Fi is always free with us.

  • Are there Dutch-language television channels?

    Many villas have televisions with Google Chrome Cast. This is a handy HDMI cable that allows you to stream your favorite programs to the television from your own phone or tablet. Also Netflix and Youtube. Some televisions are still connected to a satellite dish with which you can receive Dutch channels in the traditional way.


  • How many sets of keys are there?

    There are at least two sets of keys, some villas have even 3. Handy, because then you don't have to depend on each other all the time.

  • Can I bring my dog?

    Yes, your dog is welcome in most villas. Please indicate when booking if your dog is coming along. Read all information on our page about pets.

  • Is a saltwater pool fine?

    Yes very nice, and better than a chlorinated pool. Nowadays many villas have saltwater pools. This is healthy for the skin and the water quality remains much better. People think (or are. afraid) that you also taste salt, but this is absolutely not so. The water is 100% hygienic and feels soft. So a saltwater pool cannot be compared to seawater.

  • Who cleans the pool?

    The pool is cleaned at least once a week by a professional maintenance company. They also check the quality of the water, and if necessary they come an extra time. You do not have to do this yourself. At each pool there is a scoop for blown-in leaves, you can also use this yourself.

  • Is the pool heated?

    No, the villas do not have heated pools. The temperature of the pool water is fine from May to October.

  • Is the garden maintained?

    Yes, most villas have garden maintenance. This means a gardener comes by once a week.

  • Can I park for free at the villa?

    Yes, most villas even have a private driveway with parking. There are always additional free parking spaces right by the villa.

  • Can I charge an electric car at the villa?

    Yes, sometimes this is possible but it is always by agreement. Energy costs are included but if cars are charged this often needs to be paid extra. There are charging stations nearby, including fast chargers.

  • Is there a washing machine available?

    Yes, there is a washing machine in every villa. Check the villa detail page to see what else is available.

  • What kind of coffee maker is there?

    There are different types of coffee makers in the villas, please check the villa description (details) what kind of machine is present.

  • Is there a barbecue available?

    Usually yes, but check the villa description (details) to see if there is a barbecue. (And whether this is with gas or coal)

  • Where do I leave my garbage?

    The villas do not have their own container, but are located near a general container place, that is where the dirt is collected.

  • Until what time are supermarkets open?

    There are many large supermarkets near the villas, and they are usually open until about 9 p.m., including Sundays.

  • Can I have something delivered to the villa?

    Yes you can, but keep in mind that the mailbox is not accessible. This means that packages must be accepted in person so please agree this clearly with the delivery person.

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