Mortgage in Spain: arranged for you from A to Z

Have you found a beautiful house in Spain, but are already getting a Spanish cramp when it comes to finalizing the contract and financing? With us, you do know what you are signing. We have years of experience with Spanish mortgages and speak both Dutch and Spanish fluently. We also work with a few major Spanish banks and have a reliable network of lawyers, estate agents and solicitors.

With us, moreover, a mortgage begins with a cup of coffee (live or online) and a personal introduction. Because we operate from Spain, we are always nearby to help you as best we can, from start to finish. Because when you apply for a mortgage in Spain you need someone who stands behind you like a block. And then you have come to the right place!

Purchase research and financing

Before signing the purchase contract and applying for a mortgage at the Spanish bank, it is important to investigate the condition and details of the property. We regularly see properties being sold here in Spain while there are still a lot of things wrong with them. We will find all this out for you and make sure that nothing is overlooked.

Due to our knowledge and bilingualism, we can translate and review all official documents of the house. Then we give personalized advice and discuss the purchase plan together. When the purchase plan is finalized, we prepare a file with your details and apply for the Spanish mortgage for you.

Why apply for a Spanish mortgage with Bonvida?

  • We have a valuable network in Spain for more than 20 years
    We work exclusively with lawyers, estate agents, banks and solicitors in Spain. They are familiar with our way of thinking and working: expert, personal, transparent and professional.
  • Fast and effective
    If you want to buy a house you want to know as soon as possible what the financing options are. We have good access to the Spanish bank and we will make sure that you are helped with a suitable mortgage as quickly as possible.
  • Tailor-made expert advice
    With our knowledge of the market and years of experience in renting and buying a second home in Spain, you are assured of expert advice. A good start to your Spanish dream.
  • Reliable and transparent
    Unfortunately, in this market, this is not a given in Spain. At Bonvida, we only serve your interests, and you can count on us to really sort everything out for you down to the last detail, so that you know what you are signing up for.

They signed with confidence

Perfectly arranged

We had already given up but thanks to bonvida we were able to finance our house well with the Banco Sabadell. We are super satisfied with the cooperation, and all the explanations around it. Every day we enjoy our house in Spain and are grateful that this was made possible. Jeannette, thank you so much for your patience, perseverance and time.

Great service

Jeannette was always there for us, even when we called late at night with questions and concerns. A super personal service, we have not experienced this as nice before. Someone who stands behind you, thinks with you and in the end just takes care of it! Fantastic, and we recommend Bonvida to everyone because you are helped very well and professionally. We are happy with our Spanish dream (a beautiful finca in Valencia) which was made possible by Jeannette of Bonvida. A big thank you!

Jeannette Fiévez Bonvida

Jeannette Fiévez

Bonvida Homes & Villas

Spanish mortgage needed?

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