Covid-19 Information & Policy

Covid-19 Information and Policy

Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, many people have long been uncertain to book a vacation. Fortunately, the situation has normalized almost everywhere, but we fully understand that there are still questions. To best serve you, we would like to inform you about our policies regarding bookings, cancellations, our security measures and Bonvida vacation villas in times of corona.

Bookings & Cancellations
When you book one of our villas, you never pay everything in advance. Payment is divided into three, more or less equal, installments, with the last installment payable only on the day of arrival in Spain. Read more about booking and payment.

In exceptional times, such as during the pandemic, we can fortunately assure you that in a force majeure situation you will not lose the deposit(s). In this case, we will consult together to move the vacation to another desired date. We will be as flexible as possible so that you are always entitled to your booked villa.

What is a force majeure situation?
This situation arises when we cannot deliver your booked vacation villa to you due to applicable restrictions imposed by the Spanish government/authorities. Conversely, it may be the case that your home country completely prohibits travel to Spain.

Two situations can arise:

  1. We may and/or cannot host you due to applicable restrictions imposed by the government in Spain. By mutual agreement we will move the vacation to a new date.
  2. You decide to cancel the booking yourself, despite no restrictions from the Spanish government / authorities at that time. In this case our cancellation conditions apply. See them in our terms and conditions

In summary, you book a beautiful vacation villa without the risk of losing your deposit. Well taken care of!

A stay at Bonvida is always corona-proof
It's your vacation, but our concern. We are therefore fully committed to ensuring your safety.

  • Check-in and check-out procedure is fast where distance is respected.
  • Our cleaning service guarantees a 100% disinfected villa.
  • Linen is professionally cleaned and sealed off and delivered.
  • The pool is additionally cleaned so that the water quality is optimal.
  • General maintenance is at an appropriate distance and without direct contact.
  • In case of questions and/or problems, we are constantly available by phone.
  • In case of an emergency, you can even count on us 24/7.

Useful links
We are aware of the current regulations in Spain, if you wish we will inform you on arrival and you will receive a latest update on the then current regulations. Read more for yourself on the World Health Organization (WHO) website for guidelines or consult the European Union website for recent travel information.

Why Bonvida is the best choice even now
The Costa Brava, in the north of Spain, is easily accessible by private car. The distance from the Benelux countries is about 1400 km. So you are not dependent on air travel, which gives peace of mind. But, Bonvida villas have even more advantages in times of Corona:

  • Private villas with no common or shared areas
  • Sparsely populated area with lots of freedom of movement
  • Privacy and appropriate distance from other villas
  • Private bathroom and cooking facilities
  • Large rooms with adequate ventilation and access to terrace & garden

Close by during your stay
We are well aware that a vacation abroad is already exciting under normal circumstances, and for many it has now become extra exciting. Therefore, we are happy to inform you that we are constantly present in the area to help you, show you the way or simply to reassure you. That way, nothing will stand in the way of enjoying your well-deserved vacation to the fullest.

Any questions?
Please feel free to contact us via Live Chat, by email [email protected] or by phone at (+34) 607 45 00 04.
On behalf of all the Bonvida team: we are greatly looking forward to seeing you!

Sunny greetings,
Jeannette Fiévez

Last update : October 10, 2022