Child-friendly vacation

If the kids are having a good time you are too!

Our vacation villas are all child-friendly. There is of course that great pool that the kids are eagerly looking forward to, but in the immediate vicinity there is plenty of other entertainment for children. Each villa is different but at least they all have a fine kitchen (worth its weight in gold!) and extra aids like a dishwasher and washing machine. Some houses even have bunk beds and children's toys! For the little ones, you can always book a camp bed (with sheets) and high chair.

Child-friendly getaways on the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava has much to offer families with children. There are activities of all shapes and sizes, at every hour of the day and for every type of weather. Consider, for example, a day at a water theme park with dozens of slides and rides, a lap around the go-kart track, a game of miniature golf or an educational visit to a large butterfly park with parrots and other exotic animals. But there is much more!

Eating out with the kids

You can do this very well! It is very common in Spain to take the children out to dinner, so almost every restaurant has a children's menu with a coloring sheet and pencils. In many cases there are even complete playgrounds at the restaurant, or they are located on the beach.

Car trip with children

The Costa Brava is perfectly accessible by car. Still, a car ride can demand a lot of energy from children. How do they stay sweet and calm during the trip? Provide games, take plenty of breaks and download some movies for the tablet in advance. That way, the atmosphere in the backseat stays cozy, too. Read more about traveling by car

Child-friendly outings