Pets welcome!

On holiday with your pet?

Holiday is for the whole family, and your pet also belongs to it.

We offer a choice of spacious holiday homes where your pet feels completely at home. View our villas

Experience the best moments of the year together!

Characteristics pet-friendly holiday homes

  • Enclosed garden.
  • A good area to walk the dog.
  • Large garden, with sufficient shade.
  • Good access, as little stairs as possible.
  • Direct proximity to forest or beach.

Advice on which Villa suits you best?
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The Costa Brava is ideal for pets. There are many hiking areas, there is even a real pet friendly beach. ( Rubina, Empuriabrava) Dogs are welcome in most restaurants. (always on the outside terrace)

In our villas there is a information map with telephone numbers and addresses of good vets nearby. Feel comfortable.

Dog pension
A day in Barcelona? But the dog can’t join? There is a nice dog pension in the neighborhood where the dog can stay a day.

Preparing for a holiday with your pet

  • Veterinarian
    In Spain An animal passport and a valid rabies vaccination are obligatory. Your veterinarian may also inform you of other preventive measures against, for example, ticks. Do not wait too long with this so that there is sufficient time for vaccinations or resources to be incorporated.
  • Insurance
    Most travel insurances cover sickness costs for the travel company, but not for the dog! Make sure there is coverage. Please also check if the liability insurance offers cover for damage and / or accidents abroad.
  • Identification
    In Spain a registered chip is obligatory. It is good to provide dog with an identification plate (on collar) with mobile number & holiday address.
  • Wash and Care
    Extra care before the holiday starts is pleasant. Cut nails and brush the dog. Check the dog before departure always on fleas!

The trip to the Costa Brava

The car trip to the Costa Brava is good to do, especially if the dog is used to it. Make sure the trip is well organized, this prevents extra tension. Here are some tips:

Eating & Drinking
Give the dog less food before departure than normal, the rest may be during stops. Let the dog drink enough.

Tip: A freeze bone is ideal! This bone is perforated. Freeze before departure, it becomes a kind of dog ice cream. The dog gets water dispensed gradually over time and he also has something to do. (He also has something to do!)

Take breaks & make short walks. NEVER leave your dog behind in the car. At outside temperatures of 22 degrees it can become very hot in the car! (+ 40!)