Child-friendly holiday

If the children are having fun, you will have it too!

The Costa Brava has a lot to offer for families with children. There Activities in all shapes and sizes, at every hour of the day and for every weather type. Below some child-friendly suggestions:

Aqua Brava Waterpark

Children do not get tired of swimming pools and slides. Aqua Brava (Roses) is a large water park for plenty of water fun and playing pleasure. (For all ages!)

Visit the website and order tickets online.

Toy Museum

The Toy Museum in Figueres offers many activities, workshops & exhibitions. In A special room children can draw, paint and play with toys of past times.

Visit the website of this museum

Butterfly Park

In this small tropical zoo, you and the kids discover the fascinating world of butterflies, parrots and other exotic animals! A fun & educational trip.

Get in the mood on the website

Child-friendly holiday home

Are you travelling with a baby or toddler? We take that into account. For all our accommodations you can book a cot and / or high chair. Useful! It saves a lot of luggage and it is ready for you upon arrival. See our bookable extras

Car trip with children

The Costa Brava is easily accessible by car. However, a drive can demand a lot of energy from children. How do they stay calm during the trip? Here a few tips for a cosy atmosphere in the back seat:

  • Tablet & Apps: Games, movies, music, reading, everything is possible!
  • Break: Find a parking space with play equipment.
  • Games: Classic games or coloring books is always an option.

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Tip: Visit Salvador Dalí with the kids!

Salvador Dalí was an eccentric artist with a long curly mustache. But was it a genius? Or a complete idiot? Melting watches, a telephone in the shape of a lobster or a sofa formed by large red lips; Dalí’s work is a bit “crazy” and that really appeals to children too! Read more