Management & Support

A second home in Spain is a rich property!

And you know that like no other. Enjoy staying in your own home a few times a year, as long as you want, and fully enjoy the climate and the vibrant life.

But who takes care of your house when you are not there?

A second home also requires attention and care. You are not supposed to spend your free time in Spain arranging all sorts of things. You already do that at home. We speak the language fluently and have good access to official authorities. We are happy to take over your worries.

What do we have to offer you:

  • Regular home inspection
  • Key management & contact person
  • Postal address & sorting
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Cleaning & laundry service
  • Request for quotes & Building supervision
  • Annual maintenance & painting
  • Tax and Insurance Advice
  • Translations
  • Transfer airport

More information?

We are happy to discuss the options together.
Call (+34) 607 45 00 04 or mail to [email protected]

Your second home as an investment?

Holiday rental is then interesting. Your house is not permanently occupied and you can achieve an excellent return.

We offer a well-organized rental where personal contact & service is central. Read more