FAQ about payments

How much is the down payment?

The 1st down payment is approx. 35% of the all-in rental price (payment within 7 days after reservation)
The 2nd down payment is approximately 35% of the all-in rental price. (payment no later than 8 weeks before arrival)
The 3rd down payment is approximately 30% of the all-in rental price. (payment arrival)

Note: If you book within 8 weeks before arrival, the 1st and 2nd deposit will be paid at the same time, the 3rd payment will only be on arrival.

The exact amounts, payment dates and bank details are stated on your reservation agreement.
Is this not convenient for you? Please contact us.

Can I also pay in installments?

Is the first and / or second term not convenient for you? We are flexible and can agree an additional payment term with you. Please contact us for this.

What payment options are there?

The down payments go by bank transfer.
Payments on arrival can be made in cash or by bank card.

Can I also pay everything in advance?

Yes that is possible. Please contact us for this.

Can I pay the booking entirely on location?

No, you always pay the first and second installments by bank.
You can pay the final installment and the deposit upon arrival.

To which account can I transfer the deposit?

Our bank details are stated in the reservation agreement, which you receive immediately after approval of the booking.

Has my payment been received correctly?

After we receive your payment we will send you a confirmation of receipt by email.

My payment does not arrive on time. What should I do?

After booking you must pay the deposit within 7 days.
Is this not possible? Then contact us immediately.

Why do I receive a reminder when I have already paid?

It may be that your payment was not yet visible when the reminder was sent. You can then regard the reminder as not sent.

I have paid more than stated on the lease. What should I do?

We always check payments received, so in this case we refund the overpaid amount. Tip: Give your booking number as a payment reference.

How does payment go on arrival?

You pay the final installment on arrival. This can be by pin or in cash.
Note: The deposit can only be paid by pin (debit or crdit)

How much is the deposit and when do I pay it?

The amount of the deposit depends on the villa, but as a rule it is 500 euros. The amount is stated when booking. The payment of the deposit is always only on arrival, and this can only be paid by pin. (debit or credit)

When will I get the deposit back?

After your departure the villa will be checked, if everything is in order the deposit will be refunded quickly.