Travel to the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is easy to reach!

The Costa Brava is located in the north of Spain and is easily accessible by car. The distance from the UK is approx. 1450 km.

By plane

There are daily flights to the Costa Brava, they last on average only 2 hours. The nearest airport is Girona, but also Barcelona and Perpignan (France) are nearby. Read more

Car Rental

The villas have a central location but own transport is always convenient! Car rental is not expensive, you book it easily online and upon arrival the car is waiting for you at the airport. Read more

Car trip with children

The Costa Brava is easily accessible by car. However, a drive can demand a lot of energy from children. How do they stay calm during the trip? Here a few tips for a cosy atmosphere in the back seat:

  • Tablet & Apps: Games, movies, music, reading, everything is possible!
  • Break: Find a parking space with play equipment.
  • Games: Classic games or coloring books is always an option.