Besalú … back to the Middle Ages

A historic gem!

Definitely go to Besalú. It is one of the most beautiful villages in Catalonia. With its many narrow streets, the famous Romanesque bridge (from the 12th century!) And the medieval city gate, this magical place is a popular excursion.


Besalú has only 2500 inhabitants, it belongs to the region of La Garrotxa which is known for its volcanic past. Fun fact: Besalú was together with other cities such as Barcelona, Girona and Figueres, script for the film Perfume! The medieval setting is perfect for it.

Strolling through Besalú

Magnificent! One old chapel after another medieval church, in narrow alleys where you go up and down stairs. You always come across another terrace, or suddenly a pizzeria and a shop with only leather bags. A unique experience.

To the market in Besalú

On the central square there are regular (usually Sundays) small markets with artisanal products. Tuesday is the regular fruit & vegetable market. View more Spanish Markets here

The best souvenirs

Looking for a gift or a unique souvenir? There are many local shops with traditional (handmade) products from wood, clay, ceramics and iron.

Also plenty of nature in Besalú!

Along the old city wall we find the bank of the river Fluvià, with a beautiful walking area around it.

Food & Drink

There are many restaurants in Besalú! On Plaça Prat de Sant Pere, surrounded by ancient arches, you will find large terraces where you can eat. From a Menu del Día to pizza or paella. The more exclusive shops are on the smaller squares and in the narrow streets.

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